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This is a basic idea on how to look after your spa pool.

like I say it all depends on the usage, as to how Spa pool maintenance requirements change.

Crystal's Simple Spa Maintenance Tips & Hints.

1. Maintain your filters regularly. Minimum every 2 weeks, remove your filters, and thoroughly hose them down.  Ensure hosing in between the pleats.  ( Do not use pressure washers, which will damage your filters.).

Poor maintenance of your filters can cause problems.  For circulation pumps, boost pumps, ozone systems and heaters.

NOTE: When maintaining your filters. Always turn the power off to your spa pool, prior removing your filters.

2. Customers are advised, to have a second set of filters.  For a  3  monthly swap over.  Remove the dirty set, and insert the clean set.

Dirty filters should be soaked in a filter cleaning solution in warm to hot water, for about  1 hour only.

Then vigorously shaken and swished in the solution, for about 5 minutes each (minimum).  Followed by rinsing off thoroughly with clean warm to hot water.   Then placed out to dry ;  ready for the next 3 monthly change over.

3. Never over-dose your spa pool with chemicals.  You only need to add about 1 tablespoon of Chlorine (Lithium) per 1000 Ltrs per week. No more than this should be required.

Overdosing can cause deterioration, of your heater element, top controls, jets, boost pumps, circulation systems, ozone systems, headrests & covers

After adding chemicals.  Ensure you run your spa pool or (Clean Cycle), for about 20 minutes to half an hour.  To mix the chemicals into the water.  26 degrees and above, is the best temperature for adding chemicals to your spa pool.

4. Always keep your spa cover open for about half an hour, after you dose your spa pool.  To allow any gases from Chlorine (Lithium) to escape.  As this can cause your cover, headrests & plastics in the spa, to deteriorate over time.

5. pH/Alk, when you test your water with your test strips adjust these accordingly, for pH you can use a de-creaser or increaser to adjust, Alkalinity can be increased, If you Alkalinity is to high, empty half your spa water and top up with fresh tap water. Not recommended to use tank water.

6. If your spa water becomes cloudy with in the week, use a couple of teaspoons of Spa Shock or a Spa clarifier (per 1000 ltrs). If you have a Purezone filter, remove it for at least an hour Spa shock can be damaging to Purezone filters

7. When you are not in your spa, shut the airation off to your jets, This will help retain the heat in your spa as the spa is not drawing in cold air, when in cycle. Leave any diver-tor valves in the halfway position, as when spa is in its clean cycle, water is travelling through all the jets, not just half of them.

A clean spa - is a healthy spa ;  owned by a happy customer !

Which will bring you years of enjoyment & relaxation.

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