Spa Baths

Spa bath internalsBath shells for Custom Spa bath Melbourne, are sourced from reputable Australian and European manufacturers. Depending on the quality of what, you, the customer requires. Also on the price; as it will vary, due to variations based upon customer demand.




From a standard builders spa bath. To the therapeutic, or even high quality luxury spa baths.

Pumps, blowers, parts, controls, lights & fittings. All supplied to Crystal Springs; are sourced from reputable Australian and U.S., Companies.


All spa baths built by Crystal Springs, are built to Australian Safety Standards and tested for Quality Assurance. Prior being packaged for transport.

Ready for the customer to have installed; or, Crystal Springs can install. Then set-up your new spa bath for an additional cost.


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If your shell is still in good condition. Crystal Springs can retro your spa bath with the latest jets, controls, fittings & pumps.

Bath shells, can also be painted to suit your requirement.

Crystal Springs will re-plumb your spa to your requirements, ready to install. Your spa bath will then be tested for Quality Assurance, prior being detailed & packaged for transport.

Crystal Springs can supply a service. To re-fit your retro spa bath, if required, at an additional cost.


Mood lights

Air systems

Research and development:

Crystal Springs is also working, on developing a remote automated system. For customers that want their spa ready; for when they get home. To relax from a hard day at work!

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Brighton Retro spa bath, Re-Plumbed, Gold to Chrome.