Retro Spa Baths


If your shell is still in good condition. Crystal Springs can retro your spa bath with the latest jets, controls, fittings & pumps.

Bath shells, can also be painted to suit your requirement.

Crystal Springs will re-plumb your spa to your requirements, ready to install. Your spa bath will then be tested for Quality Assurance, prior being detailed & packaged for transport.

Crystal Springs can supply a service. To re-fit your retro spa bath, if required, at an additional cost.


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Spa re-fitted after restoration.

Brighton Retro spa bath.

Spa bath was removed and taken away to workshop, it was then stripped of all plumbing and gold fittings.

The shell was then polished & re-plumbed, then fitted with chrome modern fittings, water tested and then returned and re-fitted.





Below is a spa bath shell that was stripped of its plumbing, cleaned and re-painted to suit today's trends and decor, Once finished spa bath was re-plumbed with new jets an chrome fittings fitted before been re-delivered back to the customer.

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